Improve mean change an existing condition in something better, mean refine it for be able to handle situations that usually we wouldn’t be able to handle, it means to leave a state of personal unease to meet a situation of ease. Having a constant commitment to improvement is what lead me today to be who i am, what lead me to pass hundreds of limits and walls thick kilometers to reach goals that I thought important for my personal growth. In my experience I realized that people prefer to deal with people rather than with a logo and that's why I found it appropriate to write a small biography if you will please to know me a little bit more.


I am Tiziano Bordin i have bachelor degree in psychology from Padova University and i have a passion that was the reason of this personal path that develop in me a costant tension for emprove myself. The passion that i am talkin about is the dance, i am a hip hop and breakdance dancer, in this time that i am writing is almost 19 years that i practise breakdance and 8 that i practise hip hop.

My start was not cool as you maybe think, i was uncoordinated, fat, stubby, without sense of rhythm, telented right?:)

and i want to remember you that in 1996 when i start dance here in my city there was not any dance school or persons with enough knowledge to help me and teach me how to dance. But the love and interest that i had for this dance was big and important, i started to practise on the street even in winter.

mostly alone, sometimes some guys with my same passione practised with me. How did i learn the steps? With vhs where i recorded movies or music video where was possible to see some dance steps, i was used too to use slow motion button a lot ,

yes it was not yet youtube era, the first online videos that i saw was on 2005/2006, the internet connection was 52k not so fast what do you think?:)

The commitment that i had to sustain with my body was huge cause i wasn’t able to do anything, ad that’s why the mind element was essential to me, in fact without a strong psychology,

I hardly got the results I achieved (see section successes), so parallel in the years i wanted also to understand how to emprove my mental approach to life situations, how develop a psychology that let me be a better person day after day, helpful to achieve results and goals that i wanted to reach.

My interest to human potential growth was increased, from here besides pshycology degree, a long path of research and personal study about the limit of the noxious beliefs, how the reprogram them, spirituality, personal harmful attitudes and how to improve them, concentration, meditation, focus,

I also studied in depth the themes of strategic marketing automated, life coaching, business coaching, to allow people and organizations to be consistently effective in their work and in life everyday.

Hence the term of Mental Life Coach namely coach of the mental life of the people and the creation of the program “Love Your Extraordinary Life”, a unique training and coaching program.


Today my mission is to give people tools that allow them to develop skills to lead a life of excellence and accomplish feats that can inspire them in an ecological and sustainable way.

Something more

Other things to know? I have traveled a bit around the world, visiting 20 countries to improve my skills as a dancer, as a human being and to understand more from other cultures,i like Asia, simple food, exercise and meditate.