Tiziano Bordin helped me to work on myself, doing so with simplicity, sincerity and calm. It opened my eyes to some of my faults and still am grateful for the help he gave me, he is a person who knows how to listen without judging in advance and be able to compare with him is always a joy. Tiziano is unique and rare.

- Giulia Bonesso -Nursery Practioner, London (U.K.)-

Tiziano Bordin helped me to believe more in myself, to go out to look beyond what I see, it helped me to be more positive in the face of difficulties, he spurred me to show me as I am and not hide behind a mask, is a thoughtful person, that transmits serenity and a great positive energy, with him I was able to solve personal and family problems that troubled me for a long time, he made me work identifying precise objectives.

- Giada Famà -Nurse, Colonia (Germania)-

Thanks to his sensitivity, to his natural propensity to dialogue and to listen and to his multiple knowledge Tiziano was one of the strongest figures in support of my personal inner journey. In addition to his wonderful strong tips that helped me for the growth of my well-being and for my self-improvement, no one better than him, is for me a symbol of tenacity and determination.

- Dario Merlo -Graphic designer and illustrator, Treviso (Italy)-

Tiziano Bordin has a great light and a great passion that puts in what he does and forward it to the other, with him you feel peace, tranquility and serenity, he gave me the strength I needed, eyes to see the things for what they are, and not for how they look, the heart to look inside, he helped me to understand who I am, to recognize my limits, to overcome them and to love me but above all he gave me the key to becoming a better person, he was a light in the middle of the darkness.

- Giulia Smith -Responsible claims and administrative, Vicenza (Italia)-

I met Tiziano for the first time several years ago. He was still quite young. I was a bit older. About Him i was immediately struck about maturity 'and clear ideas, determination to make a success of his passions and his projects, despite his young age. Tiziano has this ability to read you inside. Above all, he is able to explain things with sweetness, he is never angry. His tone of voice always manages to infuse balance and serenity. His conversations are very deep. After a few years since we first met I moved abroad. Away. I took with me all my problems, some resentment and my pathetic situation of adult woman feels almost always incomplete and sometimes inadequate. I am always lost. No matter where I might find.
Fortunately Tiziano and i always kept in touch. I consider him one of the most beautiful and meaningful things that I have succeeded in life. He became one of my strong points, in this chaotic world and hard in which I move.
He never judged. He never pushed to make choices that I naturally would not have been able to support. Unfortunately I experienced periods of total abandonment, on the edge of depression. I've never been able to open up to anyone except him. And I was right. If I changed my approach to life. if she could survive. If I found a certain balance practical and existential I owe in part to him. His lively intelligence, his manner calm and sweet, his sensibility and his preparation in the field, combined with a keen practical sense and not just theoretical make beTiziano a LIfe Coach of exceptional value.

- Alessandra Gallina -Senior Footwear Developer Manager, New York (U.S.A.)-

Tiziano helped me solve my problems of life with skill and experience, when I had doubts about the important choices Tiziano always gave me support and necessary comfort,he is very patient, give inspiration, has a great vision and perspective.

- Chen Chien Ying -Piano Teacher, Taipei (Taiwan)-

Tiziano was and still is a major point of reference in my life, he has always proved an attentive listener, friendly and aim to recognize the moment when it was necessary to support a motivational drive, or a constructive scolding. Our conversations have always proved a turning point in my thinking and consequently in my life path. His single figure is an inspiration continues to know myself and improve, day after day.

- Marco Gentile -Dancer,Venezia (Italy)-

Tiziano Bordin has a powerful tool of evolutionary change that affects the programming of the unconscious by changing the perception of our experience. A path understandable and workable in everyday life everyday, to disrupt the basis of the limits that we self impose and which prevent us from living the life we want.

- Federica Menegon -Techniques herbalists and naturopathic doctor, Treviso (Italy)-

I am Jacopo Paone, friend and fellow crew of Tiziano Bordin. In recent years I have had many successes including winning big money at television games, participation in television shows like "Amici" by Maria de Filippi and fees for important jobs. You may wonder why I am telling you this ?! I now clarify ideas by telling you that I have improved considerably the relationship with my subconscious and it is thanks to this new path of improvement that I managed to achieve the results mentioned above. Our unconscious is the part that governs us and it manage us for much of our day and then for most of our lives! Imagine if this gentleman called "unconscious" has the limiting information that do not allow us to reach our goals, maybe for fear or belief that have been transmitted and inculcated from young such as "you are a good for nothing". Several years ago, in France my friend Tiziano spoke to me and made me aware of a lot of his knowledge of his studies that he did with accuracy for years. A new world opened to me, I started to work with my unconscious, I began to be a friend of my unconscious and my life took a different turn. So I started to get better and will continue to remain open to the world! It is an awareness that I recommend it to everyone because it will change the way you see life! And there is no better person like Tiziano to start to become aware of how to make friends and cooperate with our unconscious!

- Jacopo Paone -Dancer, Milano (Italy)-